Lani Pixels was founded in 2000 by Kim Pagel and has from the beginning focused on building a unique company specialized in producing computer generated animated films. Lani Pixels is determined to be among the elite and consists of a strong, dynamic team with great technical insight that are striving to evolve. The team uses advanced technology and cutting-edge software.

4D movie produced in Denmark

Lani Pixels is at the forefront when it comes to 3D stereoscopic technology, and the company behind the first "4D" movie produced in Denmark: Spellbreaker, which premiered spring 2006 in every LEGOLAND® park around the world. Lani Pixels created everything for the movie, from screenplay all the way to the final rendered movie. Spellbreaker is still playing and has been seen by more than 3.5 million people. That lead to Lani Pixels giving a lecture about the 3D technology used in Spellbreaker at the Danish Film Fest in Los Angeles in 2006.

Our International Gold Award

golden dolphin

In 2013, we were nominated for a Golden Dolphin. Fortunately, we did win the award! We are proud to be able to announce that we won an international gold award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2013 for the production of The LEGO® Story.

Our Studios

Lani Pixels started in a small office, in the comfort of their own house, back in 1999. Now we have 2 great studios.


Lani Pixels Billund is a fully equipped studio, ready to take ideas to final render.
We cover the whole pipeline from concept development and story writing to the final animation with visual effects - All it take to make outstanding quality and run a high-end production.


With our new studio in Dubai, Lani Pixels is scaling up for a larger setup in an international environment focusing on animated feature film production.
To feed our needs, we are always looking for new great talents.
If you want to be a part of one of the two teams, you will find more information under "Careers"

Our Executives




Some of our projects



We made the “LEGO Story” in 2012. We received the project, as The LEGO Group wanted to celebrate its 80th Birthday. The short animated movie takes a look back, at the history of LEGO. We follow the Kirk family, through all the struggles they had, and when it all turned around.

LEGO© Building Instructions

The ‘LEGO® building Instruction’ project started back in 2013. The focus of the project was to make a digital version of the LEGO® instruction books, where the user should be able to see each of the steps from any angle. It also included the function to see each LEGO® brick that is needed in the current step in a 1:1 measurement. The app i available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store . Try it out and become a Master Builder.


Wordious is a Project we are continuously working on. It all started with Dan Kjærsgaard, whom designed the board game he called Wordious. We where included in this project, in order to make a digital version of the game, and now we are partners. The game is like a modular Scrabble, if you want to know more about the game, please read the description on either Apples App Store or Google Play store. Our goal for Wordious is to connect people through games. We want friends and families, no matter the distance between them, to be able to enjoy a few minutes together when time fits.


  • •  3D Modeling
  • •  Animatics
  • •  Animation
  • •  Apps
  • •  Conceptual Work
  • •  Drawings
  • •  Motion Capture
  • •  Motion Graphics


  • •  Motion Picture
  • •  Post Production
  • •  Stereoscopic
  • •  Storyboards
  • •  Video Games
  • •  Visual Development
  • •  Visual Effects
  • •  Stage Graphics

Our company philosophy is:

•  A deal is a deal
•  Always strive for the best
•  Always keeping the deadline and budget in mind.
•  And having fun at the same time.