No matter what stage your project or idea is at, we are able to help. Lani Pixels has been evolving constantly and today we have an experienced team with high-end CGI production facilities, offering services such as:

  • •  3D Modeling
  • •  Animatics
  • •  Animation
  • •  Apps
  • •  Conceptual Work
  • •  Drawings
  • •  Motion Capture
  • •  Motion Graphics
  • •  Motion Picture
  • •  Post Production
  • •  Stereoscopic
  • •  Storyboards
  • •  Video Games
  • •  Visual Development
  • •  Visual Effects
  • •  Stage Graphics

Our company philosophy is: 

•  A deal is a deal
•  Always strive for the best
•  Always keeping the deadline and budget in mind.
•  And having fun at the same time.





Wordious is a Project we are continuously working on. It all started with Dan Kjærsgaard, whom designed the board game he called Wordious. We where included in this project, in order to make a digital version of the game, and now we are partners. The game is like a modular Scrabble, if you want to know more about the game, please read the description on either Apples App Store or Google Play store. Our goal for Wordious is to connect people through games. We want friends and families, no matter the distance between them, to be able to enjoy a few minutes together when time fits.


Visit the Wordious Website