Wordious – the Word Puzzle Game

"Challenge friends and the world in an exciting letter game with a strategic twist. You build the board – but be smart! Every letter tile and board piece is worth points. If you win you become Wordious!" - Wordious

Wordious is a project that we have been working on for some time now.game-image2
The game is a Word based puzzle game, where the Board, changes with each turn. Each player has a set amount of Board Pieces, which are used to expand the current Board.

The aim of the game is to utilize the Board Pieces and Letters, in order to get the highest amount of points. Compared to other word games, where the main focus is on a good vocabulary,
Wordious also needs the players to think strategically.
You can place Board Pieces to add up more Bonuses, but at the same time, you will leave openings for the opponents.

Another great feature in our game, is the Word Suggestion system. No dictionary is perfect, but that should not stop a game from being awesome. So we have implemented a feature that allows you to suggest words, to improve the dictionary.

When a word has been suggested a couple of times , it will appear in a voting section of the app.
When a word has enough votes, we will decide if it should be implemented in our dictionary. This way, we hope to keep our dictionaries up to date.


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